Construction, Renovation and Other Services

Discover some of our various construction and remodeling services and choose the one that best suits your needs.

With several partnerships with experienced architects from Lisbon, we help our clients with their projects, planning, licensing and the organization of their spaces and elements, according to the latest trends in architecture.

For us, in addition to projects and their execution, safety, efficiency and functionality are key criteria for a successful project. And this is where our qualified partner engineers show their best services.

In the market for 6 years, we take care of the construction of houses, garages, buildings, bathrooms, commercial warehouses, in addition to small or large structures, since its foundation, according to your need and your budget.

Often a remodel is enough to give a new look to a house, apartment or office. We are specialists in alterations, repairs, modifications of any nature, paintings, finishes, renovations, etc.

An environment becomes much more harmonious and with much more style, with the proper planning of spaces, furniture, lighting, colors, etc. To meet the constant desires of our customers, we can offer the most sophisticated professionals in the field of interior design.

Another essential part of our construction projects is the terrain topography. For this, our company has partner surveyors ready to assist us with the latest technology, in order to ensure greater security for the foundation of your work.


We provide professional services of construction, renovation and installation with real focus on customer satisfaction, with great quality and excellence in the delivery of our work.

  • Responsibility with the Delivery Time
  • Superior Quality and Excellence
  • Quality and Value for the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Quality of Service
  • Relation of Trust with the Client
  • Focusing on Customer Satisfaction


  • Can I just leave the house in the plaster?

    This practice is not advisable as infiltrations may occur.

  • Can I paint porcelain floor?

    It could, however, be epoxy paint – but with the possibility of scratching or even fading in the future.

  • How important is preventive sanitation in air conditioning?

    Increases efficiency, prolonging the life of the equipment as well as the compressor avoiding breaks, reducing the expenses with exchanges of parts, energy consumption.

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